Ripple joins Amazon, Microsoft, and others as a member of Civic Alliance

  • Ripple has joined companies like Microsoft, Amazon, PayPal, Twitter and others in the Civic Alliance.
  • The alliance aims to promote impartial voter participation in the United States.

As Ripple announced a few hours ago, the company has joined the Civic Alliance, which promotes “democracy in the United States” by encouraging impartial voter participation. The Civic Alliance currently has 936 members and is said to have a reach of more than 5 million employees. The central claim of the Alliance is that every American has a voice and should be able to use it:

Each of our companies is unique. Yet, we are united by these nonpartisan values: Every American has a voice in our democracy. Voting should be safe and accessible to all. Elections should be fair and transparent.

Ripple joins the impartial group of companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, PayPal, Twitter, Reddit, McDonalds, Starbucks and over 600 other U.S. companies that claim to support “safe, healthy and trustworthy elections’. With this in mind, Ripple wrote about his joining via Twitter:

We believe voting should be safe and accessible to everyone, everywhere. That’s why Ripple is 100% in #ForDemocracy with @CivicAlliance.

Members of the Alliance pledge to meet three demands. These are the demand for secure access to elections for all voters, the recognition of state and local election officials as the trusted source for certified results, and the demand for patience as officials count every vote.

Of all members, a subgroup of 619 companies also claims that they encourage their employees to vote by offering them paid leave or flexible working hours. The U.S. elections take place today, November 3, with the focus on postal voting more than ever before due to the Corona pandemic.

Democrats and Republicans have been arguing about this issue for months. In view of the coronavirus pandemic, many election officials had called on citizens to cast their votes by mail this year. Acting U.S. President Trump, however, vehemently warned against the postal vote as “the biggest scam in history”. In some states, such as Virginia, postal voting documents are sent to “dead and dogs”, Trump said.

A few hours before the opening of the first polling stations, however, many Bitcoiners are optimistic, regardless of a victory by Joe Biden or Donald Trump. As CNF reported, analyst Max Keiser recently stated in an interview that whether Biden or Trump wins the election, Bitcoin will benefit in the long run. Keiser predicted that the price of Bitcoin will increase 80 times in any case.