K-study abroad finds a new solution through blockchain technology

#Linhe (18), a student from Ho Chi Minh city, has been preparing to attend college in Korea after she became interested in the Korean culture. She has many questions about the culture and colleges in Korea but is having difficulty finding accurate information.

# Kim (36), an administrator who oversees the admission of international students at University A in Korea, is spending tremendous time reviewing and verifying international applications that are increasing every year.

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A blockchain based platform that allows the international students to verify and manage resumes and applications for Korean college admission is about to be launched.

K-study abroad finds a new solution through blockchain technology (PRNewsfoto/Dain Leaders)

Dain Leaders, a Korean blockchain expert that specializes in educational technology, is leading the development and conducting data reliability and security of the platform through Proof of Contents grants from National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA). The platform is scheduled to debut on the market by the end of this year.

Previous admissions system caused inconvenience and incurred expenses as international applicants had to submit the same documents every time they applied to different schools in Korea.

The blockchain based verification platform for international college applicants will allow the students to save money and time as it verifies the documents to be submitted online to the schools.

International student admission officers at Korean colleges can now process the documents online with the platform, which saves time and reduces the workload and the burden of managing the documents.  Moreover, as the applicant’s verification forms are registered on the platform via block chain networks, which are impenetrable to forging or editing done by certain institutions or individuals, the authenticity and safety of the documents are guaranteed.

Dain Leaders plans to continue to improve the service so it can store various documents, such as graduation certificates or transcripts, that are generated during the student’s time in Korea after the admission to the college for international students. International students can utilize such documents and the platform after finishing their study in Korea. 

Dain leaders is an educational technology corporate that is leading the global education industry. It integrates block chain, AI, and big data in the era of untact education, and is developing customer-centered systems for various sectors including corporates, Korean and international education institutes. More information is available on the website of Dain Leaders at http://www.dainleaders.com/.


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