Grateful Dead HQ Celebrate Halloween with 10/31/80 “Ripple”

Ahead of Halloween 2020, Grateful Dead HQ is revisiting the band’s three-set 10/31/80 stop at Radio City Music Hall with an acoustic “Ripple.”

“One of the most-loved Grateful Dead songs, ‘Ripple’ was one of the many standouts on American Beauty,” explained GD legacy manager/archivist David Lemieux. “It was played 11 times 1970-1971, and then dropped until it returned in 1980, played as the set-closing song every night during the Dead’s acoustic sets. It made one final appearance on 9/3/88 in Landover, MD, before being retired for good.”

Previously, Lemieux and company shared a pro-shot clip of the “Fire On The Mountain” from this same show.

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Watch the 10/31/80 “Ripple” below: