Why should Kyber Network (KNC) be on your radar in 2020

Altcoins started to show themselves in the cryptocurrency market this year. While not yet a complete altcoin rally, many’s performance was impressive. Many low-priced and relatively unknown altcoins also captured the market by storm, improving the overall performance of altcoins.

One of these altcoins is Kyber Network (KNC). KNC, a chain liquidity protocol, enables the integration of decentralized token exchanges in any application. This provides fast exchange of value for all parties in the ecosystem.

Kyber Network is one of the best performing altcoins this year. Crypto money saw a 22% price increase in 48 hours, starting in the first hours of July 19. Cryptocurrency experts believe there are more ways to digital money.

Katalyst, a protocol update for Kyber Network, was recently released. This upgrade now allows KNC token holders to participate in any economic decision making process on Kyber Network. The Katalyst upgrade also included the launch of KyberDAO and stake transactions that offered numerous benefits for DEX traders, KNC holders and liquidity providers.

Strong Technical Structure

The option to stake in the blockchain protocol that rewards users by joining the KNC network and the strong technical structure behind the digital project have been recognized by experts as some important factors for the impressive performance of KNC. Known as ‘Crypto Michael’, a popular crypto analyst and trader on July 17, Van de Poppe stated that Kyber Network’s flexible support in 0.00017 BTC is a vital line of defense. The digital currency remained above this level and rose to 0.000203 BTC.

Another factor for the rise of KNC is its popularity in the Asian market. Kyber Network is one of the most popular DeFi tokens in South Korea and one of the most spoken DeFi cryptocurrencies in more retail channels like CoinP in South Korea. Crypto.com, a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange platform, recently added the Kyber Network token to their list.

Kyber Network (KNC) has many planned developments, and in addition to performances like this, digital money may explode soon.