The Bull Run For Three Altcoins Just Started

According to the crypto analysis platform Blockroots, Augur (REP), NOIA and FIO Protocol (FIO) have seen significant gains recently, but bull runs are not over yet.

Augur (REP) Approaching MainNet

Augur (REP), an Ethereum-powered forecasting platform, has increased approximately 24% since Sunday and trades at $ 23 at the time of writing. Blockroots estimates that REP will reach $ 30 soon. Overall, Blockroots hopes to make 40 to 50% gain in the long run after releasing Augur’s second version, which will take place next week (July 28).

NOIA and Partnerships

NOIA Network, a public internet software solution, has experienced an increase of over 65% and is traded at around $ 0.073 at the time of writing. Blockroots says NOIA has “many unexplained partnerships”:

“NOIA is on fire and every dive has been bought as this trendline continues to rise, soon the NOIA will be in price discovery and we believe NOIA will be very profitable in a long-term investment of six months.

FIO Can Do 2X

FIO Protocol, a decentralized layer of availability for the blockchain ecosystem, was listed just two weeks ago. The cryptocurrency, which saw 36% gain, is currently trading at about $ 0.174. Blockroots thinks it can go up to 2x.

“People made fun of calling the FIO a pump and dump. However, they didn’t know that the big investor in FIO was Binance.

We plan to stay connected to the FIO for a longer period of time, as we believe it can do 2 times with its connection to Binance. Bitmax is the only exchange that trades on FIO, and certainly the game for this altcoin appears. Binance will open its doors soon. But don’t forget to put stop limit orders.