Mastering Monero in Amazon Gift Card and Also Buys with XMR Using BTCPay Option

Mastering Monero is the perfect resource for learning about the Monero cryptocurrency. It gets written by SerHack and co-authored by the Monero community. The book is available at Amazon.

Mastering Monero tweeted:  Want to buy Mastering Monero privately with XMR? You can buy an Amazon gift card for the exact amount you need from @CoinCards, then buy our book! Select the BTCPay option, then change “Pay with” to Monero!

In reply, Justin Ehrenhofer expressed, I did not know that @CoinCards took Monero, but that’s awesome! It looks like the BTCPay Monero CCS proposal paid off 🙂 People can easily spend XMR indirectly (and thus now have a private payment method) at many merchants, which is awesome. Looking at you to add it next @bitrefill.

Monero is all out in promoting their brand.  They are taking facts to the Merchants and helping them with resources making it easy for them to accept XMR. For those who missed out, there are tons of resources that are assisting the resources to begin accepting Monero.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “Monero (XMR) GUI v0.16.0.2 is now available via the recently added auto-updater.  This feature is special because it automatically downloads and verifies new releases.”

There have been many other releases from Monero like the GUI v0.16.0.2 ‘Nitrogen Nebula,’ which includes a fix for the bug that inhibited Ledger Monero users from properly sending transactions with multiple inputs.

Monero is working hard on their wallets as several investors in the past had a good reason to leave XMR due to some issues with wallets.

Monero (XMR) Digitally Sign Time Stamp and Verify Authorship of Messages

While all the developments are happening, one of the community enthusiasts felt that it is time to learn and teach that Crypto is not about “how to get rich quick.” Still, it is about “how to sign digitally, timestamp and verify the authorship of messages” in an increasingly hostile digital environment.

It just looks like the marketing efforts of We Accept Monero with Monero Merchant services are working as increasing numbers of merchants have made it a deal to accept Monero.

Several merchants have been impressed about how Monero can sustain their Ethos in Grassroots Style without VC funding, pre-mine, dev fund, and just purely by donations. The logic is that people do not donate to something without a reasonable cause of mission.

While Crypto continues to be a social movement being a technology, it is expected that all the projects which have a grassroots origin will likely succeed.  However, BTC, ETH, and XMR despite being the gold standard of grassroots origins, it has miles to travel.