Investors Ignoring These Two Trends Will Miss Opportunity!

Nicholas Merten, one of YouTube’s most popular Bitcoin analysts, issued a warning that altcoins are preparing to retreat.

Bitcoin Domination Rate Falls

In the new episode of DataDash, Yotube, cryptocurrency analyst Nicholas Merten said that the altcoin market value is about to reach a significant level that will signal a short-term withdrawal:

“While Altcoins have been in a major upward trend since the beginning of May, it increased from about 31% to 36.5%. With this increase, 5.5% dominance was added to the market and a large share increased. I think in the short term, we will see retreats at these levels over the next few weeks.

Merten also said that the altcoin boom in 2017 occurred at this level, saying that 37-38% or the upper range is a very important level.

Corporate Use and Financial Applications are Dazzling

While Merten is seeing a decrease in altcoins in the near term, the two groups believe that the cryptocurrency will lead the next altcoin cycle. He believes that those who fail to catch up with the emerging trends will miss opportunities.

“If you do not focus on the right trends and the right games in the right sectors, you will lose simple and easy gains…. Institutional use and most importantly, financial practices stand out now. Therefore, decentralized finance and corporate blockchain will be at the center of the rise. Maybe there will be something else we do not know, but these will be two central parts of this upcoming cycle. “