Critical Development in Coinbase: 20,000 Bitcoin Withdrawn

Coinbase exchange continues to lose customers.

Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, continues to receive reactions from users with hard steps. According to the information transmitted by the Glassno more than 20,000 in the last 24 hours from Coinbase crypto currency exchange Bitcoin that withdrew about $ 200 million.

Waters do not stop in Coinbase

This is known as Coinbase’s second biggest Bitcoin withdrawal event. Initially, Bitcoin’s hard movements on and after March 12 caused Coinbase to be temporarily unable to serve. Investors reacted to this and decided to withdraw their assets from the famous crypto exchange.

At that time, approximately 220 million dollars were taken from Bitcoin stock wallets and transferred to individual wallets. The second event is thought to be due to the final decision made by the Center commission, where Coinbase and Circle are also members.

The Center has recently decided to freeze the wallet address of an Ethereum user with 100 million USDC. This decision, which was taken in line with the demand made by the law enforcement officers, received a serious reaction. The Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange was also held responsible for this step, which was seen as a hard blow to decentralization, and is thought to have an impact on users’ BTCs.

In addition, the fact that users withdraw funds from cryptocurrency exchanges and take it to their own wallets is also known as a bullish herald.