China’s courts are securing properties with blockchain

  • Chinese courts recently started using blockchain-based seals to secure properties.
  • With blockchain seals, authorities can constantly monitor properties and be notified of potential damage.
  • The use of seals is the latest example of how China utilizes blockchain, although it is not the first one.

China’s adoption of blockchain has been progressing rapidly since the country’s president publicly praised the emerging technology. In the meantime, China made huge advancements in developing its own CBDC, and blockchain started entering many of its institutions, services, and alike.

The most recent example of this was seen quite recently, in a report published by

Chinese authorities continue to adopt blockchain technology

From what is known, it appears that multiple courts in China decided to adopt blockchain technology and use blockchain’s electronic seals. The court found that the seals are a great way to secure sealed properties, and constantly monitor them.

As mentioned, the practice has quickly become quite widespread. This use case of blockchain tech is already applied in The People’s Court in the Haidian district of Beijing, as well as several other courts in Jiangxi, Jiangsu, and Hunan.

This is not the first time that Chinese courts are using blockchain technology, either. Previously, this tech was used for settling millions of litigation activities. In other words, using it for monitoring and securing sealed objects is just the newest way to use blockchain tech in China.

What are blockchain-based electronic seals?

The seals, while very useful, are not the most commonly known part of the blockchain technology. Basically, they allow for constant video surveillance of a property in real-time.

If anything was to happen to the property, such as suffering damage, the seal will instantly turn the camera on and record the event. Meanwhile, it will also warn the law enforcement staff and the plaintiffs by contacting their phones.

On top of that, it will also capture the image of those who were damaging the property on location, and send it to relevant platforms. The seal would also use an automatic voice message to warn the perpetrator that they are conducting illegal activity and that there will be consequences if the seal is breached.