Ripple (XRP) Opportunities and Insights about Improving Liquidity Good to Grow Being Real

Liquidity is important for Ripple because On-Demand Liquidity is all about making liquidity easier for their clients. Bridging two currencies without depending on an intermediary.  Already, there is an increase in the number of market makers, payment providers, and financial institutions trading in XRP.

Ripple tweeted:  “At its most basic premise, liquidity refers to the ease with which assets can be converted into cash without dislocating the market.”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “As Ripple XRP states, understanding the fundamentals of liquidity is very important in this corona devastated market.  Converting assets to cash without dislocating markets matters.”

Ripple insights expressed that the more XRP gets traded, the more liquid it gets to be, thereby solidifying its use in the application. Emerging cross border payments corridors are expected to improve XRP liquidity.  Further, the demand for new currency pairs from partners is also expected to improve liquidity. Identifying new use cases is expected to attract new and bigger groups of traders, thereby improving liquidity. And, the important of all is the continued utility will help improve the liquidity and market demand for XRP.

A look back into the customer case studies like that of MoneyMatch, Coinone, Siam Commerical Bank, Sentbe, goLance, TransferGo, MoneyNetint, Xendpay, REMITR, MercuryFX, Nium, and SBI REMIT should express the value proposition that XRP has delivered and is set to deliver.  Use case already well established.  It is mass adoption that should happen in phase next. It takes some education before people can accept the ODL and its advantages.

Ripple (XRP) Global Expansion

Ripple XRP are exploring the potential of cryptocurrency.  They have been doing their best to improve crypto literacy among people and discussing about stuff like how sustainable blockchains will boost adoption to ensure a sustainable global economy.

Ripple is already strategically working to ensure the global expansion of their services. Faster and cheaper payments in the Philippines, increased remittance from South Korea to neighboring countries are real-time evidence in this regard.

Ripple particularly focuses on the Asia Pacific region.  They are partnering with new financial institutions improving their year-over-year growth in transactions.

Reportedly, the US Financial consumer Bureau has opined that Ripple and XRP will be able to facilitate more transparency in the remittance industry.

Apart from this, there are open and wide criticisms to XRP. In reality, there is no need of hype for XRP.  It is all good to grow by keeping real.