Ethereum Network Usage At The Highest Of All Time

The measure of the calculation work required to perform a specific operation in the Ethereum (ETH) network is called “Gas”.

Daily Gas usage from the Ethereum network has risen to an all-time high, which means that Ethereum is used more than ever.

According to Ryan Sean Adams, Founder of Mythos Capital, there is a strong correlation between ETH asset prices and Ethereum block prices, and accordingly, according to Sean Adams, considering the current Gas usage, either block fees or ETH price will go up.

On the other hand, software engineer and crypto enthusiast Marco Levarato argues that in order to increase the price of Ethereum organically, the way gas prices are distributed should be re-evaluated and distributed in a balanced way.

It cannot be said that May was very positive for Ethereum and its investors, which have not yet entered the upward trend. However, Ethereum 2.0 is expected to be released in 2020. When price expectations are added to this expectation, it seems that the hopeful wait for Ethereum investors will continue for a while.